Make your Website Talk with just One Click!   by Merle

What's the most important thing you can offer your customers?
If you said "support" give yourself an A+. Incorporating
live customer service into your website is one of the best
ways to assist those who browse your site and may have
questions. Yes, they can send an e-mail to you and wait
a day or two for the answer, but by the time you reply
the buying mood may have already passed. Another opportunity

So how do you offer live on-the-spot support? Well, it
can be done with a simple text chat button or with voice
over IP, aka VOIP, or a combination of the two.

So now that I have your attention you may be wondering how
to accomplish this fine feat. Believe it or not, the following
services won't cost you a dime and are easy to implement.

Human Click:

No software to run on your system. You connect to their
server every time you log onto the Net and a small
doorbell graphic resides at the bottom of your screen.
Once you download and register as an operator, you are given
a small amount of HTML code to cut and paste
onto your pages. This places a small display box that
says "click here to talk to an operator".

When someone enters you're notified by a doorbell sound
just as if someone were at your "real" front door. All
the visitor needs to do is click the box to initiate
a text conversation with you at anytime during his or
her visit. When you double click on the doorbell the
operator window pops up where you can see the host name,
pages viewed, and other information about the present
visitor in your site.


This service connects your site visitors to your existing
phone line. You specify the phone number where all incoming
calls are sent. You must embed the HTML code
they give you into your site pages to activate the service.
When a visitor clicks the embedded button, a Java applet
initiates a phone call from their PC to the number you
have specified.

If your budget runs a bit higher you may want to try one
of these paid services:

E Fusion: (Voice Over)

By placing a "push to talk" button on your site pages
anyone who visits your website can initiate a conversation.
Check their site for current pricing.

Live Person: (text chat)

A visitor to your site clicks a button to start a
text chat with you. Live Person runs on its own
server, so there's no software for you to install.
They charge a one time set up fee of $1,000.00 and a monthly license
fee of $250.00 per operator seat. See their site for
further details.

With the amount of companies coming online, offering
live customer service is one way of distinguishing
yourself from the crowd. Start grabbing your share
of customer loyalty with this easy to implement solution.

Any questions? Click here to chat.

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