Text based chat:

Your customers simply click the chat button on your website, email signature or electronic brochure to chat with your operators via a real-time text based chat system. No plug-ins or downloads are required either by your visitors or by your operators.

Anywhere Support:

ConverseLiveTM is completely web based, you can provide support from any computer connected to the internet, from anywhere in the world! No extra client software required to install! Just logon to your client interface and you're ready! ConverseLiveTM will chime you when a new support request is made.

Online / Offline Icons:

The support icons on your website can show whether an operator is available online to take your call or you need to leave a message.

Smart chat rejections:

When a visitor requests chat and the operator is unable to attend due to any reasons what-so-ever, on canceling the request the visitor is taken to a "Leave a message" page instead of being "turned down". A very important feature to take care of "egoistic" visitors :)

Notification when visitor has left chat session:

With some of the service providers, when a visitor closes a chat window without informing, the poor operators just go on chatting unknowingly and make a fool of themselves. This can be very annoying and a sheer waste of time! With ConverseLiveTM, you are immediately informed when the visitor has left and the operator can resume with other things.

Email signature:

You can boost your email marketing effectiveness by embedding ConverseLiveTM's HTML code within your HTML rich email marketing campaign. A simple click from their email will notify your staff of a sales lead! Now that's pro-active marketing!

Canned Responses:

Save time using pre-written common responses used for frequently asked questions. A simple click of the mouse adds the content to the chat enabling faster responses.

Canned Commands (Push Pages):

Store pre-specified HTML pages / URLs and send your visitor directly to the pages they are looking for! Even https URLs can be pushed (for security).

Multiple Departments:

You can have multiple departments in your organization to handle visitor requests, like Sales, Support, Accounts, Production, etc. The visitor can select which department he would like to converse with, before initializing the chat system.

Unlimited Operators:

You can assign unlimited Operators per department, there is absolutely no restriction!

Assign Operators to multiple departments:

This is a very useful feature, especially when few departments have very low traffic and do not want to deploy staff for each of them. Departments can also be shared by operators who are capable of handling other departments especially during peak hours of traffic.

Leave a message:

When the operator is not online, the visitor can leave a message for the concerned department and the message will be sent to the department be email.

Load Balancing:

Calls are evenly distributed to online operators per department, allowing your staff to be used as efficiently as possible.

Save chat transcripts:

Chat transcripts can be saved in the database by the operator for future reference. The duration for which the chat transcript remains in the database can be pre-configured by the administrator.

Search chat transcripts:

You can search the chat transcripts that are saved in the database by using keywords.

Departments can share chat transcripts:

If allowed by the administrator, different departments can share the chat transcripts of visitors who have conversed earlier, which are saved in the database.

Capture visitor's data:

Details of the visitor's data can be captured for future reference, along with the saved chat transcript. This data includes IP numbers, the date and time when chat request was made, page from which chat request was initiated, browser used (including resolution) to access the site, etc.

Capture visitor's time zone / time:

You can also know the time when the visitor requested the chat on his / her local PC, so that you can greet accordingly! You can even have an idea how far the visitor is geographically by calculating the time difference!

No banners:

Unlike few other service providers, we do not and never will put banner advertisements in the chat window to distract your visitors.

Chat request reports:

You can have complete reports of chat requests made by visitors to each operator / department. These statistics can be available in a daily / monthly format. The administrator can monitor the total requests taken, not taken and rejected.

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